Big Data isn’t just big

Imagine your data is constantly getting updated everyday. It is ever growing in size. It is messy and unstructured. That is the precise definition of big data. See below the three V’s of big data.


Volume: Your data is huge (e.g. a 5 TB collection of all emails in your company network)

Variety: Your data is unstructured (e.g. a collection of Twitter statuses: some with images, some with links or simply plain text statuses)

Velocity: Your data is continuously flowing (both examples above are applicable to be have great velocity)

My favourite quote on big data says something like this “About 80% of the world’s data has been generated from just the recent years”.  With growing demand of data scientists  (unicorns who use statistical modelling to Big Data) we are now looking for a more tech savvy future for data and analytics.

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